Real Estate professionalism guarantee

BARCINO REAL ESTATE CAPITAL (BREC) is a company specialized in detection, analysis and investment processes in real estate management.

It has extensive experience in real estate sector, with specifically trained and experienced staff in all and each one aspects required in this kind of business.


Our team

Felipe Vieites Bernad

Arquitecto. Project Manager. EMBA Experto en Análisis y Project Management Area de Análisis y Desarrollo de Operaciones

Guillermo García Orazi

Arquitecto Técnico.
Experto en Construction Management y
Análisis de Costes
Area de Desarrollo y Gestión.

Fernando Gil González

Arquitecto. Arquitecto Paisajista Experto en Proyecto y Gestión inmobiliaria Area de Marketing y Procesos de Comercialización.


We are at your service becoming your best ally

Real Estate Consultancy

Ofrecemos un servicio personalizado en la búsqueda del inmueble.

Soil and Building Analysis

Real Estate Investment Management

Real Estate Marketing (MAR REAL ESTATE)



BREC has now enabled the following real estate transactions you can join, and studies a lot of other possibilities that may interest you for your investment. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us with any kind of inquiry.

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